About Prince Jewelers

Prince Jewelers has been located in Arcadia, California since its founding in 1983. We specialize in diamonds, custom jewelry design and manufacturing for the trade and discriminating buyers. Si “Lam” Huynh is the lead designer and has worked with many of the Jockeys, Horse Owners and Trainers from nearby Santa Anita Race Track in the design and production of many beloved pieces of custom jewelry.

Store Hours

Tuesday-Saturday 10am–5pm PST

Trust is at the core of the relationship between Prince Jewelers an their customers. Building a thriving business rom scratch with such a valuable and personal product as custom jewelry, is impossible without the implicit trust of its customers. Prince Jewelers has a long term client list that includes the highest ranking members of the Police and Fire Departments, Civic Leaders, Business Owners, and many famous personalities from the Horse Racing and Entertainment industries. The trust installed in Prince Jewelers is evidenced by the referrals these devout customers give to their family, friends and loved ones.

Quality of design and manufacturing is what customers return for year after year. With over 25 years in the business, Prince Jewelers has built a talented staff of master jewelers. They carry out the creating of designs submitted by Lam and his customers with talent and precision. Many customers come to Lam with an idea of something they want and then work with him to fine tune the design, and bring their dreams to life. Lam has worked with thousands of demanding and discriminating individual customers and Jewelry Stores making incredible custom jewelry creations. His customers count on Lam to use his lifetime of experience to guide them through the creation of their own unique pieces of custom jewelry.

Value is realized when what you reeve is worth more to you and your loves than what it costs. Prince Jewelers provides value to each and every customer with every purchase. While Prince Jewelers has been located in the same community for over 25 years, their customers have often moved on to distant homes. Many of these distant customers go out of their way to continue their relationship with Prince Jewelers. Some find their best jewelry value is achieved by buying an occasion plane ticket to visit Prince Jewelers.

About the Designer

Si “Lam” Huynh grew up in Vietnam and as a youth, spent his time after school hanging out at his father’s jewelry shop. He made his first original design, a heart shaped signet ring, at his father’s workbench when he was just 10 years old. As many dads do, Lam’s encouraged him to continue his education in hopes to become a doctor.

After he completed school Lam immigrated to the United States in 1979. He started working with his brother in the custom jewelry business where he fine tuned his design and jeweler skills.

In 1983 Lam opened his own business in Arcadia, California, Prince Jewelers, specializing in design and custom work for major Mall Retailers. Some of these stores include the likes of J. Herbert Hall, Schaffer & Sons, Hudson Goodman and many others. In addition to these retailers, Lam designed custom jewelry for the Jockeys, Trainers, and Owners from nearby Santa Anita Race Track.

“Every person has unique skin tones, and sizes & shapes of their body features.”

Lam has had over 25 years of experience working with both demanding and discriminating customers. His experience making custom jewelry creations; many that were stunning and even some that didn’t work and were destroyed to be reborn again; make him a valuable and trusted resource to his customers. Every person has unique skin tones, and sizes & shapes of their body features. Knowing what looks truly beautiful and stunning on your unique person, comes from his experience with thousands of customers trying on thousands of more pieces of jewelry.

Our Stores

Arcadia, CA

411 E Huntington Dr #111, Arcadia, CA 91006
+1 (626) 445-5229

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